Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of properties are listed on your website?

We list a range of residential real estate properties including apartments, villas and plots through our web and mobile platform. Our listings include everything from new, resale, under construction and upcoming properties.

How can I register my property?

Registration of a property includes necessary stamping and paying of registration charges for a sale deed and getting it recorded at the sub-registrar’s office of the concerned jurisdictional area. If a property is purchased from a developer directly, getting it registered amounts to act of legal conveyance. In case the purchased property is a second or third transaction, it involves a duly stamped and registered transfer deed. Nowadays, property registration process is computerized in most states.

Do I need a guarantor to get a home loan?

It depends from one bank to another. Some banks ask for 1-2 guarantors 

Can a Home Loan be Pre-approved?

Yes. One can avail a pre-approved loan from a housing financial institution or a bank.

I want to sell my property. How can proptiger.com help me?

For selling your property, you need to fill an enquiry form, which is available on the home page of our website.

How many properties can I own?

You can own as many properties as you want.

What should be the language of the registration document?

The language of the registration document must be the one that is commonly used in your district. According to Section 19 of the Indian Registration Act, the Registering Officer or the registrar has the power to decline registration of your document if it is presented in a language which is not commonly used in the district unless it is accompanied with a true translation of the language in use.

What is generally the tenure of a home insurance?

It varies from bank to bank. Generally, most policies cover a period of five years.

What is a down payment?

Generally, banking finance institutions pay around 75 to 85 percent of the cost of the property bought. The remaining 20 % of the amount is paid up front, which is popularly known as the down payment.

When is the sale of a residential property formalized?

The sale of a residential property is said to have been formalized if the seller has received the entire consideration amount, registration of the documents has been carried out and actual possession of the property has been granted to the buyer.

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